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unholy arena of stamp lickers anonymous

I created this so I could talk freely about stuff I wouldn't want others necessarily reading, but also getting feedback from people at the same time.
if any of this offends you, suck it up and deal. or don't read it.

I'm me. I have no patience, I'm a geek, I'm outgoing, blunt, and completely oblivious to whatever is going on around me.

I have 11 tattoo's and I'm getting more. who cares if I can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

I live in Israel. my tolerance for stupid people is less than it was before. pedestrian rage is a common ailment. I read lots and write lots and mock lots.

I got a BA in communications from Rowan University...but it's not doing much good. I did, however, work for the tv crew at Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies games...so it was useful for a little while.

I like real women with real curves and attitude to boot (none of this way femme or way butch crap).

scrapbook! http://pics.livejournal.com/ztivokreb

311, abby sciuto, ac/dc, adult fan fiction, alex ross, alias, angel, anne rice, annie lennox, avengers, batgirl, batman, beastie boys, billy holiday, blue velvet, bones, buffy, cameron, carnage, carnivale, chase, comic books, computers, criminal minds, crossing jordan, cs lewis, csi, csi: miami, csi: ny, daily show, daniel jackson, danny/flack, danny/lindsay, danny/mac, daredevil, dark angel, dave duncan, david lynch, deadwood, depression, dr. spencer reid, dr. strange, eagles, elektra, ella fitzgerald, elvis costello, erotica, exit 9, fantasy, film, flash, foreman, gay, gilmore girls, good beats, great lyrics, harry potter, highlander, house, hudsucker proxy, j. michael straczinsky, jack o'niell, jack/daniel, jake 2.0, jane austen, jason gideon, jeph loeb, jethro gibbs, jim lee, jla, john shepard, jsa, katherine kurtz, la femme nikita, las vegas, le modesit, lesbian, lois & clark, lonely, lost, louis armstrong, macgyver, mcgee, mckay/shepard, medium, mercedes lackey, metal, michael ende, millenium, monk, moody blues, ncis, neil gaiman, new jersey, nightmares, nin, numb3rs, on our backs, originality, piano, pixies, popular, punk rock, ra salvatore, ramones, rawhide kid, remington steele, reunion, rock n' roll, rodney mckay, runaways, scarecrow & mrs. king, sex & the city, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, silver surfer, simpsons, slash, smallville, spider-man, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, steve vai, supernatural, teen titans, television, the clash, the offspring, the who, tolkien, tomorrow people, tony dinozzo, transplants, twin peaks, u2, venom, veronica mars, veronica/lamb, weevil, without a trace, wonder woman, x-files, x-men


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